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TLL Media is a Publishing House for specialized technical periodical publications in the fields of industrial engineering and technologies, power engineering, ecology and building installations.
Founded more than 20 years ago (est. 1997) as an independent publisher of periodical publications for products, technologies and services in the industry. Since then TLL Media specialized in technical journalism for the industry, energy sector, ecology and building installations, and publishes periodical publications for the professionals and experts in the fields.

Currently TLL Media issues SEVEN periodical publications:
Engineering Review magazine
Energy Review magazine
Ecology & Infrastructure magazine

TD Installations magazine
South-East European INDUSTRIAL Market magazine
Energy Info BG - Who is who in the Bulgarian power industry

Engineering Review magazine is specialized periodical publication for recent technical, product and branch information in the fields of industrial products and technologies. After more than 20 years of strong presence in the being of the industry in Bulgaria, Engineering review can honestly be defined as the MAGAZINE OF THE BULGARIAN INDUSTRY. Covers the following topics: Electronics Components Circuit board design Automations systems Pneumatics Hydraulics Electrical equipment Power supply Test and measurement equipment Software Communications CNC HVAC Lighting Sensors CAD/CAM/CAE Security and identification systems Industrial heating Mechanical systems Instruments, Materials, etc.

Energy Review is a specialized technical magazine dedicated to power engineering since the beginning of 2010. The magazine is focused on recent product, technical and branch information in fields of: Power Engineering - Renewable Energy Sources - Energy Efficiency - Energy Projects - Power Fascility Building.

Ecology & Infrastructure is the latest periodical publication of TLL Media. Launched in the beginning of 2012, the magazine will keep you informed with recent product, technical and branch information in the field of ecology.

The professional magazine TD Installations is the only periodical in Bulgaria for building installations, equipment and instruments. It is written on the base of professional oriented articles with practical direction for the needs of the professionals in the fields of building investments, design, construction of building installations and equipment, instruments and materials for them. The main subjects that TD Installations magazine cover are: Electro-installations, Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, Water and sewage, Lighting, Security, Building automation and communications, Energy efficiency, Instruments, Materials.

South-East European INDUSTRIAL Market magazine is an industrial products and services magazine for Southeastern Europe. The edition is printed in English and is distributed free of charge to experts from the industry in Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Monte Negro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Greece, Turkey and Albania. Every issue of South-East European INDUSTRIAL Market features current product, technological and corporate news, reviews of products and systems, market analysis, information for interesting products in the region, key industrial exhibitions, etc.

The Bulgarian Technical Reference Book is the first general technical guide in Bulgaria, offering information about companies in the fields of:
- Electronics Automation Electric equipment Measuring equipment HVAC Water and sewage Ecology, RES Lighting Security systems Computer equipment and software, networks, communications CAD/CAM/CAE, ERP, specialized software Mechanical systems and machines Instruments, materials

Energy Info BG includes reference information about the companies - supplying products and services for the power engineering, working in the Bulgarian market in the following fields: Conventional energy, renewable energy, energy efficiency.

Ecology and Infrastructure
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